Nice to have you here! Tiny People Organics is a Berlin label founded in 2019 by Catharina Biester.

She wanted caps with sun protection for her child and didn't want them to travel halfway around the world before she had them in her hands. She didn't want anything typically colourful with cars or owls on it, as is often the case with baby and children's clothes. She quickly got tired of searching and started making her own.

We don't believe that uniqueness is what matters nowadays. Every model, every cut is already on the market in one form or another. We believe that the question of authenticity is the more important one. We do not reinvent the wheel, but we can take a product and become experts in quality and sustainability.We select fabrics with a certificate, manufacture under fair conditions and choose a European manufacturer with the highest standards. We use recycled cardboard and compostable envelopes. Change always starts with each of us. From a business point of view, our focus is naturally on a healthy and functioning company, but not at the expense of the environment, living beings or customers. Caring for each other has never been more important than today, whether privately or professionally.

High-quality materials. sustainable. fair. that's us.